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How it’s made

Craftsens metal wall art adds a unique touch to the walls of your place. Our artworks are cut from 2mm thick steel with a fiber laser, ensuring high quality. It is also coated with electrostatic powder paint, which leads to an outstanding final appearance and world known quality. This coating provides a high protection to the products and prevents them from rusting even in the outdoors. Whole of our artworks also includes elevation screws that lift 1.2cm / 0.5in from the wall to give it a 3D look. We've also included a centered hanging bracket on the back of the product for easy mounting. So within this apparatus, the product can be easily mounted on your wall with a single nail. Finally, every item is securely packaged and shipped to you by express delivery by Ups, Fedex or DHL.

Custom Orders

There are customized options for every product in case you want to decorate your room or impress anyone with a wonderful gift, it is fair to say that there is always a shortcut from your imagination to our harvest and we will produce it for you. There is an option for also delivering to you or directly to your friend! We individually design each product from the ground up and will send you a preview of your model once we've finished it. Therefore, if you desire any additions or changes, we will adjust everything until you are totally 100% satisfied with the look of your design. Backed by the great feedback we get from every client we work with, we can guarantee that a custom design makes a great gift for you or your beloved ones.

About us

Craftsens is a brand from the idea of ​​creating art within
the steel itself, which is the symbol of durability. Craftsens was founded by
two young entrepreneurs whose family has devoted themselves to steel industry
for decades. These young people started designing as a new hobby by producing
steel samples as they wish. From very beginning nobody really understood what was
going to happen but the results were truly extraordinary... We have both
acquired a unique new hobby and brought a brand with the new understanding to
interior and exterior design. If you would like to learn more about us and what
our thousands of customers think from all over the globe about us, we invite
you to visit our Etsy store.